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Privacy Policy


Your security is essential to us. We esteem the trust you have put in us, and are focused on ensuring and defending any particular data you provide for us. This archive, which we upgrade every once in a while, portrays how we utilize and process your particular data and how we utilize treats. It likewise lets you know how you can get in touch with us in the event that you have addresses about your individual data.

Vani Holidays offers online travel benefits through its sites and versatile applications and through other online stages, for example, accomplices' sites and social networking. The data that takes after applies to these stages.


What sort of particular data does Vani Holidays utilization?

When you reserve a spot, you will be approached for your name, location, phone number, email address, installment data, and the names of visitors going with you and your inclination for your sit tight.

This permits you to spare your particular settings, audit past bookings and oversee future reservations.

When you visit our sites, regardless of the possibility that you don't reserve a spot, we may gather certain data, for example, your IP address, which program you're utilizing, and data about your workstation's working framework, requisition variant, dialect settings and pages that have been indicated to you. In the event that you are utilizing a portable apparatus, we may likewise gather information that distinguishes your versatile gadget, unit particular settings and attributes and latitude/longitude points of interest.

We might likewise accept data about you when you utilize certain social networking administrations.

Why does Vani Holidays collect, use and share your personal details?

Marketing exercises: We additionally utilize your data for advertising exercises, as allowed by law. For instance:
Other communications: : There may be different times when we reach via email, by post, by telephone or by messaging you, contingent upon the contact details you impart to us. There could be various explanations behind this:

How does Vani Holidays use social media?

We utilize online networking to advertise our accommodation accomplices' properties and to push, enhance and encourage our services. Case in point, we have coordinated social networking plugins into the Vani Holidays site. So when you click on one of the buttons and register with your social networking record, data is imparted to your social networking provider, and potentially exhibited on your online networking profile to be imparted to others in your system.

Not with standing actualizing these buttons, Vani Holidays utilizes online networking by supporting records on a few online networking locales and by offering social applications. These social networking services may permit you to impart data to Vani Holidays. When you enroll with a social networking application, you will be told which data will be imparted to Vani Holidays. The data you decide to impart to us may incorporate the essential data that is accessible in your online networking profile, email address, announcements and your various companions. This data is important to make an interesting client encounter either in the application itself or on our sites. It encourages such things as customizing our site to suit your needs, joining you with your companions on travel ends of the line and investigating and upgrading our travel-related services.

We might additionally empower you to sign into Vani Holidays services with your online networking records. Your online networking supplier will have the capacity to let you know all the more about how they utilize and process your information as a part of such cases.

How does Vani Holidays share your data to third parties?

In specific circumstances, we may share your particular information to third parties.

How does Vani Holidays make use of mobile devices?

We have free applications for varied range of mobiles and use different version of our website that have been improved for mobiles. These applications and mobile sites process the individual information you provide for us similarly as our site does – and they additionally permit you to utilize area services to find accommodation nearly.

How does Vani Holidays use guest reviews and other destination-related information you share with us?

The place you have booked through us and after your stay, you will be welcome to submit a visitor survey, which may request for data related to accommodation, ambiance, nearby locations, surroundings and the whole destination. In the event that you would prefer not to add your name with the audit, you can use your screen name (which you can pick in your user account) or it might be shown online secretly. By finishing a visitor audit and after your consent, it can be shown (as further depicted in our Terms and Conditions) on, for instance, the applicable accommodation data page on our sites, in our mobile applications, in our online networking records and in social applications, or on the site of the important accommodations or on our business partner's website, with the purpose of briefing other travelers about the quality and administrations of the place you reside in.

In the event that you show that a visitor survey was useful – or not useful – we will total this with feedback from different clients keeping in mind the end goal to sort and prioritize visitor surveys. We may utilize the data as a part of your schedules or in other destination related data you impart to us in undisclosed form to guide different explorers to discover the right terminal.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser while the user is browsing that website

Why do websites use cookies?

As web pages don't have memory. In the event that you are surfing from page to page inside a site, you won't be identified as the same client crosswise over pages. Cookies empower your program to be identified by the site. So cookies are basically used to recall the decisions you have settled on – decisions, for example, the language you lean toward and the currency you utilize. They will additionally verify you are identified when you come back to a site.

Do all cookies do the same thing?

No, there are various types of cookies and distinctive methods for utilizing them. Cookies might be arranged according to their features, their lifespan and as stated by who places them on a website.

How does Vani Holidays use cookies?

Our website uses the various types of cookie:

How long do Vani Holidays cookies stay active?

The cookies we utilize have different lifespan and the maximum lifespan we set on some cookies is five years from your last visit to our website. You can delete all cookies from your program whenever you need to. To remove Vani Holidays cookies from your program, go to the following URL (please note that when you click on this connection, all Vani Holidays cookies will be erased immediately).

How can you recall Vani Holidays cookies?

You can search our cookies in your browser settings.

Does Vani Holidays use third-party cookies?

Yes, Vani Holidays utilizes the services of reliable and distinguished online advertising and marketing companies. Vani Holidays might likewise utilize third-party providers for logical purposes. To empower their services, these organizations need to place cookies.

The providers we utilize are focused on building customer alertness and securing dependable business and information administration practices and benchmarks.

Regarding the matter of online marketing and advertising organizations, we tackle to only work with organizations that are parts of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) or the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Parts of NAI and IAB hold fast to industry principles and sets of accepted rules. NAI and IAB parts permit you to withdraw of the behavioral publicizing. To quit of a NAI or IAB part's behavioral advertising project, essentially check the box that compares to the organization from which you wish to withdraw.

So as to control the gathering of information for expository purposes by Google Examination, you may need to visit the accompanying connection: Google Examination Withdraw Program Add-on.

Who is having access to Vani Holidays cookie data?

Only Vani Holidays has access to Vani Holidays cookies. Cookies stored by third parties and can also be accessed by these third parties.

How can you manage your cookie preferences?

Utilizing your browser settings within, for instance, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome, you can adjust which cookies to acknowledge and which to reject. Where you discover these settings relies on upon which browser you use. Use the "Help" feature in your browser to find the settings you require.

In the event that you pick not to choose various cookies, you will be unable to utilize a few functions on our site. And in case of quitting from on-line advertising system does not imply that you will no more get or be liable to on-line marketing or advertising examination. It implies that the system from which you quit will no more convey ads custom-made to your web inclination and browsing impressions.

Does Vani Holidays use web guides?

And additionally utilizing cookies, Vani Holidays frequently uses web guides. A web guide is a small realistic picture of only one pixel that is conveyed to your workstation either as a feature of a web page request or in a HTML email message. Possibly precisely or through service providers, we utilize these pixels as a component of our on-line advertisements either on our website or on third-party websites to take in whether a client who is makes a reservation and being displayed an on-line advertisement, to track change with partner sites and to evaluate the traffic impressions of clients to improve the travel-related services we bring to you.

What privacy policy does Vani Holidays put in place to safeguard your personal data?

As per the European data prevention laws, we determine logical methods to restrict unapproved access and the misuse of particular data.

We utilize proper business frameworks and strategies to secure and shield the particular data you provide for us. We likewise utilize security methods and technical & physical limitations for getting to and using the particular data on our servers. Only authorized personnel are allowed to get to individual data sometime during their work.

Your credit card details, required in reservation process are reserved by us for a maximum of 10 days. After that, your credit card information will be either forever erased from our frameworks or will remain hashed in our framework for the purpose of fraud detection. This is unless you have decided to store your credit card information in your individual record.


The services offered by Vani Holidays are not guided to children under the age of 18. The use of any of our services is just permitted with the substantial assent of a parent or a guardian. When we accept data from a child under the age of 18, we maintain all authority to erase it.

How can you control the personal information you have given to Vani Holidays?

You generally have the right to survey the particular data we keep about you. You can ask for an outline of your individual information via Email at Kindly compose 'Request Personal Information' in the headline of your email with a copy of your Identity Card to help us to prevent our personal information from unauthorized personnel.

In the event that the individual data we have for you is inaccurate, on your request we can modify it. You can also request us to erase your personnel information from our client database by sending an email to with 'Request for removal of personal information' in the headline. Moreover, we may require to maintain certain data, for instance for legal or regulatory purposes, for example, record keeping or to detect fraudulent exercises. You can erase your client account whenever by signing into your account on the Vani Holidays website and select to remove your account.