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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the ("Vani Holidays","we","our","us") website (aggregately, the "Site"). Utilization of the Site is administered by the accompanying terms and conditions. By utilizing the Site you consent to these terms and conditions. If you don’t agree with any part of these terms and conditions, you should not utilize the Site. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. All changed terms automatically become effective when these Terms & Conditions are updated. Your continued utilization of the Site after the changes in the terms and conditions have been updated will mean you acknowledge those progressions. Kindly visit this page at regular intervals to review any changes made.


Vani Holidays will not be responsible for failure of travel service suppliers, including but not restricted to airlines, hotels, cruise lines, railroads, car rental agencies, tour operators and consolidators to perform the administrations offered by such suppliers. Vani Holidays, in giving travel administration services, does not insure or guarantee the services to be given by any supplier, the fiscal position of such suppliers or the repayment to you from any misfortune encountered as a consequence of the budgetary state of such supplier. In case a supplier defaults before giving the services to you to which payment has been made, the sole response for refund would be with the defaulting supplier, from insurance covering such defaults if any or from other responsible third party unless such was caused by Vani Holidays.

In those circumstances in which a supplier defaults prior to giving services, you may pursue any recourse of action against the supplier for refund, which may be allowed by law or statute. Vani Holidays warrants that it gives the most astounding norms of services in the trade and will utilize proper care in order to secure you from such default.

But as explicitly expressed thus, Vani Holidays takes no responsibility for actions regarding travel services beyond the control of Vani Holidays or its employees. Vani Holidays is not responsible or liable for any act, error, omission, injury, loss, accident, damage, delay, nonperformance, irregularity, or any consequence thereof, which may be occasioned through neglect, or default or any other act or inaction of any supplier of Travel products. Vani Holidays shall not be liable for any fluctuation in price or change in schedule or equipment or accommodations for any travel service, which occurs subsequent to payment for such service. Vani Holidays goes about as a service Bureau that gives value added service to retail travel operators and buyers. Vani Holidays has no power over and accepts no risk for the activities of the suppliers from whom it gets Travel items. Once tickets have been issued there may be a penalty included for refunds. We don't have control over printed costs on the tickets, in spite of the fact that a few tickets may have BT (Bulk charge) printed on them, some may have a particular value on them, which may be distinctive (lower or higher) than the fare gathered.

Rebates offered may vary depending on various factors like the Airlines used, class of service, destination, time of year (low, mid or high season), advance notice provided, least stay necessities satisfied and flight load. Vani Holidays does not guarantee, endorse, or promote other advertiser items and services that are advertised on this site.


For the purpose of giving you proper accessibility, we have these following Terms & Conditions mention below: Service Components" - a single product or service recorded on the website that can be booked separately of any other service. (e.g.: car, hotel, flight).

"Travel Service Provider" - a travel vendor provides one or more Service components. (e.g.: hotels, car suppliers, airlines). Vani Holidays does not act as regulation but makes preparations with third-party vendor Travel providers for Service components, all as explained above.

"Booking" - a transaction process with the Travel vendor followed by you while utilizing this website with the need of acquiring one or more Service Components that may bring about an agreement with the Travel Vendor at the time we accept full payment and acknowledge your offer.

With the purpose of complete a Booking process, the following steps are taken to guarantee its efficacy:

At the time of placing a Service Component on our website, we are welcoming you to make an offer for their purchase. You don't make this offer until you press "Book" on the payment page (entitled "Survey Trek Details and Book") of the website.

When you have finished the Booking Process, you have made Vani Holidays an offer (which can't be withdrawn assuming that you alter your opinion) to buy the important Service Component(s) from the pertinent Travel Vendor(s) ((your "Booking") ss. We are allowed to acknowledge your offer for the benefit of the applicable Travel Provider or to reject it, at our sole discretion.

The Vani Holidays email affirmation is NOT the contractual acknowledgement of the Booking, yet but merely an acceptance that we have received your offer. We will need to check the availability of the applicable Service Component(s).

In the event that the applicable Service Component is available, your Booking will be transformed. The agreement relating to the important Booking is framed when payment in full has been received.

The agreement between you and the applicable Travel Vendor will presents only those Service Components affirmed via email with ticket numbers if there should be an occurrence of air or reservation numbers in the case of hotels, cars or other activities.

The terms of your Booking, (for example, cost, availability or dates of travel) are not ensured until the agreement is framed between you and the Travel Provider and a ticket has been issued or a reservation has been made and affirmed by the Travel Provider.

Kindly note that once you have finished the Booking stage you can cancel or change the information, (for example, names or destinations) of your Booking at our sole discretion and as per these Terms & Conditions.

This Booking procedure will practice on any of our Service Component's Terms & Conditions describe at below. The airline ticket Terms & Conditions, the hotel Terms & Conditions, the car rental Terms & Conditions, the attractions and services Terms & Conditions supplement any territory not secured by the Booking process. We maintain all authority to change the Booking procedure at whenever; with changes automatically producing results from the date such changes are posted on the website.

Constantly all around your trip a government issued picture ID is needed for security checks at airports, hotels and car rental areas and may be needed for attractions and different items as esteemed important by the suitable Travel Providers.

Not Vani Ventures or its partners acknowledge any responsibility, and you won't be qualified for any refunds whatsoever, in the event that you are denied sheets, postponed or deported because of non-satisfaction of the above.

Government entry/exit expenses may apply, contingent upon your destination All travelers on your Booking (if more than one traveler) must go on the same agenda. Individual travelers can't be added to, or erased from your Booking.

Vani Holidays makes a trip maintains whatever authority is needed to rectify errors in any publicized cost and, if relevant, provide for you a choice to either cancel the Booking or permit Vani Travels to gather a sum equivalent to any increment in cost from your provided credit or debit card, before your takeoff.

Each Service Component recorded in your Booking is given by the particular Travel Provider Frequent traveler points or miles could possibly be accessible for any share of your Booking.

When you have made your Booking, you can't exchange or change the name(s) or destination(s) recorded in your Booking. Your Booking will be obtained on the delivery date arrange in your ticket detail email or, if no delivery date is specified, then on the date the ticket is delivered, unless there are unusual situations.

The terms of these contract assimilated by reference the terms of every air transport's agreement of carriage. Travelers may investigate the full content of the agreement of carriage at the every carrier's hangar or city ticket business locales. Travelers have the right, upon request to the airlines, to accept no cost via mail or other conveyance benefit the full content of the agreement of carriage.

The assimilated terms of the agreement of carriage may consist:


For the purpose of giving you proper accessibility, we have these following Terms & Conditions mention below:

Our every airway tickets, hotels, prepaid Car rentals, holiday packages and our service charges are NON-REFUNDABLE. Outing insurance protection is refundable up to 10 days of purchase if travel has not started and you have called our client service office to cancel. Every cancellation must be carried out via call only.

In case if we are not able to give a particular time period can take for these refunds to be processed further. All refund notices are handled in a successive structure. When you have given our client service executor with your cancellation demand, we will then send you an email notice that your request has been accepted.

This notice doesn't automatically authorize you for refund. This just gives you an acknowledgement of your request and furnishes you with a following number. With the receipt of your request we will work with the service providers', for example, airways, hotels, car-rental organizations to produce a waiver dependent upon airway and other service provider’s standards and we will then advise you of the provider choice.

When the refunds have been sanction by the provider it may take extra time for this to show up on your credit card record. Usually, all the service providers will charge a penalty for any refund. This whole process can 60-90 days from the acceptance of your request to collecting credit on your statement. By keeping aside the airways and other providers refund penalties, Vani Holidays will charge a fee for processing this refund ranging from $100 - $400.

All refund charges are charged on per ticket per individual basis. These charges might be surveyed if a refund has been approved by the provider or a waiver has been gained and when the airline/provider guidelines allow such refunds. In case of not processing this refund by the provider, we will refund you our charges that may have been charged to you for this processing.


All airline tickets are completely non-refundable. In specific situations where the Air transport may permit cancellations, a credit may be available for future ticket purchase with appropriate penalty and a charge distinction if any, with travel validation for the same airline. Normally, it has credibility with period constraints and a particular lapse date and should be explained to the customer service associate. All such bookings where the cancellation may be allowed must be cancelled before the booked flight time of the first flight fragment by calling our client service associate. We don't ensure any cancellation.

A cancellation expense of USD 50 for every individual for every ticket must be paid to us at the time of canceling the booking. We hold this charge. The credit will be held for a constrained time period, please approach the client service associate for the particular date by when you must utilize this credit or you will pay the credit sum.

When you are prepared to make the new booking, you will need to pay fare distinction (if any), relevant airways penalties for that fees and Vani Holidays trade charges. All such changes are administered by the airways guidelines and regulations; Vani Holidays does not give any representations or sureties on fees or charges. In the event that you are cancelling the booking and asking for refund then please read our Refunds Policy. Kindly read all the more about Change approach in the event that you wish to trade the tickets for new dates or directing.

Domestic Travel = US and CANADA

No extra description is made for our exchange charges except that an associate will guide you in locating your desired new flights and work out to re-book the new flights as per the availability and other factors.


We acknowledge credit cards and debit cards issued in US, Canada and a few different nations as recorded in the billings area. We additionally acknowledge AE/AP billing locations.

Kindly note, airfares are ensured just after ticketing, and not upon giving of payment. In the event that your credit card payment is not processed for any reason, we will update you within 24 hours. In case of fare modification while processing your transaction, you will be updated and you have the authority to deny this transaction and you will not be charged.

We give a 100% Protected and Secure credit card transaction guarantee. If it’s not too much trouble see our 100% Safe Buy Guarantee on credit card utilization on our website.

Kindly note, all hotel, car rental and tour/activity bookings are just affirmed upon conveyance of complete confirmation details to the email you gave your reservation. In a few cases, pre-payment may be needed to accept confirmation.

With a specific end goal to give you further security, when certain transactions are resolved to be high risk by our frameworks, we won't process such transactions unless our credit card confirmation group has discovered that it’s secure to process them. So as to create legitimacy of such transactions, we may reach you or your bank.


What is a Pre-Paid Reservation?

Prepaid Reservations are chargeable to your credit cards at the time of Booking. This charge comprises Full Base Amount (room only) of the reservation. Resort charges, vitality surcharges and cleaning expenses, may be charged on a day to day basis. They likewise will gather for components, for example, meals, movies, games, amusements, wet bar, parking, and telephone calls. Rates are only assured at the time of Booking.

Are Vouchers Required on Pre-Paid Hotel Bookings?

A few hotels` will oblige a voucher at check-in. Vani Holidays will deliver the voucher via Email which is provided to us when your booking was made. It is constantly proposed you have a duplicate of your email confirmation with you at check-in.

Are Vouchers Required on Pre-Paid Hotel Bookings?

Book Now and Pay Later Reservations use your credit card to hold your reservation until you arrive for check-in. Vani Holidays POSITIVELY SUGGESTS that you confirm Book Now and Pay Later reservations specifically with the hotel, no sooner than 24 hours before check-in. On some non-prepaid hotels, hotel organizations need a store up to and including everything of the stay, which will bring about non-refundable cancellations and no changes are permitted.

What are the various types of Meal Schedule?

Meal Schedule basically implies the kind of dining preparations that you have chosen for your hotel stay. For instance, you may have chosen a hotel which cooks all your meals for you and which are included in the cost. Then again, you may have chosen a flat with cooking facilities, which implies you organize your meals. Meal plan implications and condensing are as follows:

What do I need to know about choosing a hotel?

Photographs of the hotel and data gave with respect to the service; amenities, items, and so forth have been given to us by the seller. Vani Holidays receives NO DUTY regarding any changes that the seller has not updated.

Special functions, for example, bedding or non-smoking rooms are basically on request and not ensured unless generally specified by the hotel. While most hotels will strive to respect your request, not Vani Holidays or the hotel will ensure that your request will be regarded.

A few rates have uncommon requirements, for example, Corporate, Government (including Military), AAA, or AARP participation. These rates will oblige you to present identification at the time of register with demonstrate that you're qualified for those unique rates. Hotel properties are NOT committed to respect these rates in the event that you don't qualify or in the event that you don't have identification proof confirming your qualification.

Pet Policies - It is very essential that you confirm instantly with the property that they do, certainly, accept pets. Vani Holidays acknowledges NO DUTY for a singular property's pet policy. You must call the hotel specifically to confirm pet strategies, including pet confinements on breeds.

A few hotels offer a Airport Shuttle as an additional service. You must contact the hotel proceeding to check-in with figure out pricing and availability. Booking Reward's that are offered by the hotels, for example, free breakfast, tours, and so forth are all subject change and accessibility and are controlled by the hotel specifically.

What is a No-Show?

A No-Show is the point at which you neglect to appear to check-in for your reservation without former notice. In case if you are not appearing to check-in for your reservation you will require to contact the hotel instantly. Contingent upon the hotel restrictions you may be charged fines or lose the whole sum of you booking.

Can I check out early?

No refunds will be entertained for unutilized room nights due to early departures.

How do I know my booking is confirmed?

The hotel can take 24 hours to return a confirmation number. The procedure begins when you book the hotel. You will receive an email from us represents that your reservation is confirmed. This is to tell you that we have received your request. In case of not receiving any email confirmation from Vani Holidays, kindly email comprises the details like confirmation number and a contact details. We advise you to reconfirm your hotel reservation 24 hours before check in.

Why can't the hotel find my reservation?

In some of the cases, the hotel won't get the genuine visitor name until 72 hours before arrival. Your reservation is secured and ensured once you will get the Last confirmation Email as well as Voucher. We suggest you contact the property within three days of your booked arrival to confirm your details.

All about Changes, Cancellations and Refunds

Any modification or cancellations must be processed by calling client service.
We understand the changes in the plan. Here are the various cancellation and change policies. A few policies may differ by property: